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Permission Series, 2013-14

Exhibited at BIGonBloor Festival, several Interventions throughout Toronto, ON

Originally inspired by residential "permit parking" signs and local reports of citizens being fined for playing road hockey without a permit, Permission Series plays with the ambiguity of the word "permit," either granting permission for people to play wherever the signs are erected or denoting a space where playing is only allowed with the accompaniment of a permit. Several signs were installed as interventions throughout the streets of Toronto. In 2013 and 2014 the work was turned into an interactive sculpture for the BIGonBloor Festival.

Permission Series 01 (2013).JPG
Permission Series 03 (2013).JPG
Permission Series 02 (2013).JPG
Permission Required (2014)a.JPG
lo-res_Permissions Series_2014_06.jpg
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